Mid Ohio track day preparations

So for my birthday I decided I am going to head on down to Mid Ohio for a monday track day with 3balls racing. Things that need to be addressed before then go as follows Fix AC Front pad swap titanium pad shims bleed brakes replace shifter with the oem STi short throw Tune the … Continue reading Mid Ohio track day preparations

Gridlife 2017

So the Gridlife story begins on Thursday morning when I drug myself out of bed for an early doctors appointment which ended up being 3 hours of waiting at the doctors office but at least my medical problems are getting better. Due to the long wait at the doctors office I was already almost two … Continue reading Gridlife 2017

Suspension overhaul and 5×114 conversion

So April started off with the 5x114 hub conversion and suspension refresh. It took the entire day to make the suspension feel better than new. Broken / damaged things we found control arm bushings were cracked to death Differential seals were leaking everywhere The steering U joint was partially seized Steering rack bushings were just … Continue reading Suspension overhaul and 5×114 conversion

2017 STi Nurburgring 24 hour race car

Recently I have been watching many videos about the new 2017 STi race car for the famous 24 hours of nurburgring. So far it looks like there were some major changes to the car over the last year when compared to the 2016 race car mostly in the aerodynamics department but some other changes as … Continue reading 2017 STi Nurburgring 24 hour race car