Summer 2019 Update

Well its been a little while since I have posted on here ...   ThisĀ  year started with a great idea to do a flexfuel conversion and then it didn't go that great. Due to some wiring issues and problems the car only recently has gotten running 100%. So to summarize now the bugeye makes … Continue reading Summer 2019 Update

2018 a year in Review

Hello internet ! I have been neglecting this page and I am sorry. Lots of stuff has been going on in my personal life and work life which led to me slacking off in updating this. This is just a list of some of the crazy stuff I have been able to do this year … Continue reading 2018 a year in Review

Maintaining and Modifying your Wrx / STi

Disclaimer This is just advice I have learned from friends , experience and reading after owning Subarus for the last 7 years. It primarily applies to turbocharged Subarus but I would apply the same logic towards an EZ30 or EJ25D powered car as I would with my EJ207. Here is the Subaru maintenance schedule that … Continue reading Maintaining and Modifying your Wrx / STi