Suspension overhaul and 5×114 conversion

So April started off with the 5×114 hub conversion and suspension refresh. It took the entire day to make the suspension feel better than new.

Broken / damaged things we found

  • control arm bushings were cracked to death
  • Differential seals were leaking everywhere
  • The steering U joint was partially seized
  • Steering rack bushings were just floppy rubber at this point
  • Almost all the original rear Version 7 Sti bushings were cracking and showing major signs of wear
  • Brakes were in serious need of lube and new pads
  • Original front axles were torn and leaking grease everywhere

Parts that were installed

  • STi steering U joint
  • Super pro steering rack bushings
  • Super pro control arm bushings
  • new oem outer tie rods
  • Power stop track day brake pads ( they are a little bit dusty but think of them as the poor mans Hawk HP+ )
  • Centric blank rotors
  • Sti S204 / Ra-R lateral links
  • STi pink trailing arms
  • Group N differential carrier bushings
  • TIC Race lower trailing arm bushings
  • Sti RA-R / Option 21mm sway bars
  • front axles with the correct ABS tone rings for 5×114 hubs
  • 5×114 Hubs with ARP extended studs
  • R180 refreshed with new gaskets and seals
  • TIC SST ( AST 4100 coilovers with 9k/8k springs )
  • 5w40 Redline engine oil
  • Motul Gear 300 transmission flush
  • Motul differential fluid

I am probably missing some things but that was the bulk of things that were done , the car feels amazing and is so much tighter. I am excited to see what it will do on the track and how it will feel now that all the bushings are fresh and the car has a proper coilover on it.

Huge thanks to Scott and Adam from Banes Racing Team for putting up with me and my Bugeye.

Hover bugeye
Fresh JDM suspension bits identical to the RA-R
Next level engineering
This was taken around 11pm
Back on the road
Finished product

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