March Madness

As spring begins to rapidly approach I am starting to get my oem parts order of doom ready so that I have spares and all the parts needed to run a season of track days and finish the dam 5×114 conversion. Speaking of 5×114 the 18×9 +35 Enkei RCT4 are up at my powdercoaters shop and should be finished any day now. I have managed to acquire some 255/35/R18 Michelin Pilot Super sports which will also function as backup rain tires in case things get wet this summer. Right now the game plan is just to do a suspension refresh with all new or lightly used parts off S202 / S204 STi’s. I also should have my TIC SST coilovers coming up here sometime this month as they are currently at Turn In Concepts getting rebuilt. To spruce up the interior I am going to finally replace the original steering wheel with an S202 steering wheel that my friend Bruce from PFP Garage in Korea had in storage. Maybe we will see some E85 as there is a station two miles from my home but that will wait until the car is back running perfect. I was considering doing a steering rack swap but for now I will just do a fluid flush and make sure there are no leaks. Seat time is more important than a 13:1 rack at the moment and then there is the fact that I really want a house sometime in 2018 so things probably will slow down on the Bugeye modification side and I will likely sell the Legacy GT for a Forester XS or another Bugeye.

Hoard all the wheels !

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