Jun Bumper is everything you expect and more

So earlier this year in the middle of a pandemic I decided to reach out to Jun Auto in Japan to see if they still made the legendary GDB Impreza front bumper. After a week or so of waiting I got a reply say they still had the molds and would gladly make me a … Continue reading Jun Bumper is everything you expect and more

Fall 2020 Update

So 2020 has been quite a wild year as I bought a house right before a once in a generation pandemic which is not exactly a great idea. But things are starting to calm down for me so I am back to focusing on my hobbies which always comes back to the Wrx. I have … Continue reading Fall 2020 Update

Subaru Wrx Wagon Sedan Widebody FAQ

So by far the most often question I get asked is how to do the sedan widebody conversion , what parts are needed and how much it costs. So this is to answer those questions. This project cost $1000s more than it was supposed to cost as I originally took my vehicle to a questionable … Continue reading Subaru Wrx Wagon Sedan Widebody FAQ

Maintaining and Modifying your Wrx / STi

Disclaimer This is just advice I have learned from friends , experience and reading after owning Subarus for the last 7 years. It primarily applies to turbocharged Subarus but I would apply the same logic towards an EZ30 or EJ25D powered car as I would with my EJ207. Here is the Subaru maintenance schedule that … Continue reading Maintaining and Modifying your Wrx / STi

Suspension overhaul and 5×114 conversion

So April started off with the 5x114 hub conversion and suspension refresh. It took the entire day to make the suspension feel better than new. Broken / damaged things we found control arm bushings were cracked to death Differential seals were leaking everywhere The steering U joint was partially seized Steering rack bushings were just … Continue reading Suspension overhaul and 5×114 conversion