Jun Bumper is everything you expect and more

So earlier this year in the middle of a pandemic I decided to reach out to Jun Auto in Japan to see if they still made the legendary GDB Impreza front bumper. After a week or so of waiting I got a reply say they still had the molds and would gladly make me a bumper. So I sent them over the payment via PayPal and after around 3 months the bumpers showed up at my house in Michigan.

If you are curious about the details the bumper fit and finish is the best I have seen out of any aftermarket bumper. I sold the second bumper to a local guy who immediately installed it and told me the following. ” You have to trim the crash beam to accommodate the larger opening of the bumper , even the JDM crash  beam requires some trimming and the USDM one will require more trimming but its completely doable” There are instructions in Japanese included with the bumper and they can easily be read via google translate on any smartphone. I will post a detailed install video this spring when I fit the bumper.

So how do you order a Jun bumper or any Jun product ?

All you need to do is send a purchase inquiry via their contact page that can be found here

For the bumper I would expect the cost per bumper shipped to the United States will run around $1400 – $1550 once all your fees are included and import duties charged.


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