S202 Wagon Conversion begins



The STi S202 was one of the first S20X cars that subaru ever made and probably the first one that did not make you want to gouge your eyes out like the S201.


Making an S202 wagon sounds stupid because it is really stupid , but luckily I am an expert in stupid. The drivetrain is already at S202 spec if not better with an S204 engine , 5×114 hubs and lighter S204 lateral links. Most of the work will be on the interior side making everything as black and suede as possible. Sourcing STi wagon rear seats then dying the alcantera black will be a big challenge as very few sets show up for sale each year. Then I will have to debate if I want to relocate cruise control so that I can run an S202 / Spec C RA steering wheel that has no airbag or provisions for cruise control. Seats will either be black Spec C or black Evo Recaro seats from an Evo 9 or an Evo X.

Big projects for the next six months

  • Get Ohlins rebuilt or replace with another high end 1 way shock like MCS / KW
  • Finish interior and bring its quality up to the level of the exterior of the car
  • Hunt down STi Wagon fold down seats
  • Upgrade and replace/modernize the entire sound system while adding a backup camera
  • Acquire all S202 interior / exterior goodies possible
  • Recharge and upgrade AC system
  • Flex fuel system  and fuel system upgrades


Stretch projects if the others actually get finished

  • Upgrade / Refresh rear LSD
  • DCCD 6mt
  • STi clutch
  • Balanced flywheel
  • PFC 2 piece rotors
  • Brake cooling setup


I just want this to be the best possible all around Wrx wagon possible , It must be comfortable , quiet unless you are on the throttle , able to sleep in the back at the track and also capable of laying down respectable lap times.


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