Summer 2019 Update

Well its been a little while since I have posted on here …


This  year started with a great idea to do a flexfuel conversion and then it didn’t go that great. Due to some wiring issues and problems the car only recently has gotten running 100%.

So to summarize now the bugeye makes 320whp /340wtq on ethanol which is wonderful , the car is so much more responsive and E85 is really cheap too at only $2.40 a gallon. Its essentially poverty race gas. It drives wonderful and is really enjoyable to drive. The focus for the next few years will be driver seat time and reliability. The only two larger modifications on the horizon now are front brake upgrades and switching to a DCCD 6mt both of which should be done in spring of 2020. After that it will just be driving and setting money aside for service items / driveline refreshes slowly working towards a factory like mindset with engines and drivetrains. I would love to have a spare engine on a stand one day. There will also be some more safety equipment installed like FIA seats and harnesses , the problem is finding a seat that a 6″3 guy fits into while also cramming that seat safely into a 2003 Wrx wagon. Not an easy task but I have narrowed it down to some OMP and Racetech seats. Sparco just currently does not offer anything that can get the harness slots where they need to be on my shoulders. All of these modifications can’t subtract from the car being driven on the street. I want to hit 200,000 miles on the chassis then strip it down to repaint the underside and refinish all of the suspension bits in a few years. Maybe by then I will finally have an E39 Touring to drive and amuse me while the Wrx is down for service.

Here is a parts list for 2019

Engine and Power 320hp / 340tq

S204 Ej207

VF42 Turbo


ID 1050X injectors

Walbro 450 Pump

Russian Spec C metal surge tank

IAG Street AOS

Carberry Flex fuel kit


2002 Sti Spec C gearbox

STi R180 LSD

Exedy Twin Plate clutch

Oem Axles

Oem driveshaft

Kartboy Tall Boy shifter

TIC holy Shift Kit


Suspension and Brakes

RCE SS1 KW Motorsport 1 Way shocks

Super Pro Bushings

Group N bushings

S204 Lateral links

5×114 hub conversion

Arp Studs

STi 4 Piston brembos

PFC Z compound pads

Centric Premium rotors

Stoptech 600 brake fluid



Sedan STi widebody conversion

Prodrive bumper

Hella UK300 headlights

Spec C roof vent kit

STi hood scoop

Roof rack delete



Black cloth Wrx conversion

Evo 8 Recaros

Prodrive gauge cluster

Defi ZD clubsport oil temp , oil pressure and coolant temp

STi duracon shift knob


Wheels and Tire 

255/40/17 Falken R615k+

17×9 +42 Mach V Awesome

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2 thoughts on “Summer 2019 Update

  1. Hey, just stumbled on your blog from Great photos and love reading these updates! You’re close to 200k miles? Am I correct in seeing a midwest US license plate? Just curious about how often you drove during these salty winters and what steps you took to mitigate rust. I’m at about 60k miles on a 2016 WRX STI and using fluid film for the undercarriage at the moment. Trying to decide if I want to just pull the car off the road in winters going forward.

    1. Hi Chris

      I have not driven the car during winter since the winter of 2014 / 2015 , I have a 2006 Legacy GT Wagon that is my sacrifice to the Michigan winters.

      Generally fluid film is the way to go along with using body sealer to seal up areas that water can collect inside.

      But obviously the safest option is to just have a daily driver or winter beater you are not as emotionally attached to drive during the horrible midwest winters

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