Redamak’s Car Meet 2014 – New Buffalo, MI

This Sunday I had the pleasure of heading out to the very west of Michigan along the coast of Lake Michigan to a small burger joint

People gathering behind Redamak’s

called Redamak’s.  It was over 50 degrees out after a bitter cold winter here in Michigan, and it was the first big scheduled meet of the year that I knew about. People came out in numbers. We nearly doubled the expected number of people we thought were going to show up.

After hanging around in the parking lot, we went inside and some of the tastiest burgers I’ve ever enjoyed. Beer was served and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Bugeye WRX with a Precision 6262

The meet started out as a meet for just Subarus, but I guess has the years went on more and more cars started to show up. This was my first year attending, and there seemed to be a very nice variety of cars. You had old Beetles, 6262’d WRXs, slammed and hellaflushed cars and even a Camaro or two. There was one Camaro (unfortunately no pictures were taken by me) with a turbo the size of a large watermelon that had the inlet carved out of the passenger side fender.

After everyone was wined and dined almost all of us headed out to the beach to take some pictures and hang around some more. We all watched the sunset and chatted before heading back home.

Here are some of the notable pictures I snagged:

That’s all I have for now. Have a video coming up soon.


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