Version 7 Sti wheels and its still cold in the D

Michigan has decided to give us winter and then second winter this year. Unfortunately car plans are on hold until the weather warms up and stays above 50 for a week or two. 


A month or so ago I picked up version 7 Sti wheels with Bridgestone RE11 tires for a great price. Hopefully this weekend I can drop them off at my Powdercoater to get them refinished. They have minor curb rash and are scratched up pretty bad , But what would you expect from wheels that are over a decade old ?



2 thoughts on “Version 7 Sti wheels and its still cold in the D

    1. I looked into that but I have read it scratches a little too easily. I have taken my wheels to the same powdercoater for the last two years and he always does good work.

      He can paint match the Rally Gold quite well.

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