Importing JDM Subaru parts and picking the Right Vendor

Hello Everyone !


Over the last two weeks I have been contacting every vendor that stocks Version 7 -9 STi parts in North America and even some in Japan. Overall its a rough experience but I have learned some valuable lessons.


For starters my favorite telltale sign of the quality of a product is how many pictures and the quality of the pictures of the items. As an Example I am going to use JDM Racing Motors. Robert has been fantastic to work with as he has sent me extremely detailed pictures of the transmission package I am looking at.





Transmission codes are essential , As you can see from this transmission it is a Version 7 Type RA transmission which comes with an AP Suretrac front differential that the standard Version 7 Motor lacks. It also comes with all the accessories so you do not have to worry about missing parts when swapping it into your Wrx or STi.


Overall I have had a great experience with JDM Racing Motors and Nagano Japanese. I would highly reccomend them to anyone looking for high quality parts and knowledgeable staff.



– Joey

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