September Update

So I have been pretty busy with work travel and life in general.

The car is broken again because the U joint on the driveshaft decided it did not want to work anymore. I had been chasing a vibration in the rear end of the car for a week or two to only find out it was the driveshaft. It picked a really good time to leave my stranded too at 530am on my way to the airport. Luckily I called AAA and they threw it on a flatbed then took it home. I caught an Uber and made my flight just barely.


So after two weeks in the fifth circle of hell that is Dallas Texas I returned home and picked up my daily driver. Its a 2000 Honda CRV with 150,000 miles , It runs amazing for being as old as it is. Tomorrow I am getting a new set of tires put on it and then will hunt for some CRV wheels to put winter tires on in two months or so.

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