July Update , Track day recap !

So on June 28th I did a track event here at a local track called Waterford hills.

Waterford Hills Raceway

The track is pretty tight and technical as you can see. You will end up hitting close to 100mph on the back straight and maybe 80mph on the front straight when pushing the car.

Things that I liked

  • Car felt very stable at speed
  • Tires held up great ( RE11a )
  • Suspension was great
  • Car felt fantastic , Tune was perfect all day
  • Koyo Racing radiator kept temps safe
  • No oil consumption !

Things that need improved

  • Need to switch to a 5w50 for track use
  • Need a larger oil cooler to keep up with prolonged use , Spec C is great for the street but starts to suffer on the track.
  • Need a better set of brake pads and fresh rotors

I also picked up some Id1000cc injectors for an E85 conversion that should happen sometime next month along with getting a Forester to daily drive.

– Joey

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