The New Age Impreza or Version 7 STi

I wrote about this in the past but I have found a lot of new information which I will divulge here.

There were a few different trim models for your 2001-2002 Bugeye STi.

  • Standard STi
  • STi Spec C RA 17
  • STi Spec C RA 16
  • STi Sportswagon
  • STi Prodrive
  • STi Limited
  • S202

On all of these models you could also buy things like STi suspension products , STi Genome Exhaust and STi Genome gauges made by Defi straight from the dealer or Subaru’s online site.

Standard STi














The standard STi was equipped with a Six speed transmission but it had an open front differential. The turbo was a VF30 which was a tiny bit larger than our USDM VF39 but used the same journal bearing center section. It came standard with the Classic gold five spoke wheels which were 17×7.5 +53 with 225/45/R17 tires mounted. Halogen and HID headlights were available along with wheel and transmission options.

STi Spec C 16/17

That is the only picture I could really find of the Spec C with 16 inch wheels. I think these cars were destined for Motorsports use as they came with steel wheels , DCCD and FHI 4 piston front calipers which conveniently fit under most Rally wheels from makers like Braid and Eneki. The 17 inch wheel model was sold as a track ready STi with the addition of an Oil cooler , Front differential , different cams and VF34 Roller bearing turbo. The VF34 has since gained a cult following as one of the best oem turbos you can get your hands on. The 17inch wheel Spec C came with the 17×7.5 BBS wheels that were standard also on the 2004 USDM STi. The steering rack on the Spec C models was also a 13:1 ratio compared to the 15:1 on the standard STi and STi Sportswagon.

STi Sportswagon

wagon paint 5














My wagon is actually a pretty good idea of what a Sportswagon would look like. Except the sportswagon was exactly like the Standard STi lacking a front LSD and powered by a VF30 turbo. I have yet to see one at auction with HID headlights or a front LSD. Very few were made , I would estimate numbers in the sub 2000 range.

STi Prodrive















The STi Prodrive package had two variants , The JDM Version came in Aspen White or World Rally Blue and could have upgraded sound and a front LSD as an option. It had WRC styled front bumper and roof vent as well with special blue colored gauge clusters too. The UK/European model only appears to be sold in World Rally Blue and would have the same EJ207 and VF35 that the UK/European STi had. I do not have any information about what options were offered for it.

STi Limited 








The STi limited had the same options as the Spec C but without the VF34 and was instead given a VF30. It had many options that you could have on the car and was released to celebrate Subaru’s 30 year anniversary.


s202 sti 3 s202 sti






























The STi Spec C S202 was the most extreme Bugeye you could buy due to the following options

  • Titanium Muffler
  • Carbon Fiber Spoiler
  • Oil Cooler
  • Transmission Cooler
  • Rays Wheels
  • STi Suspension parts everywhere
  • Lightweight rotors
  • Black interior
  • 320ps via Special Tuned ecu
  • VF34 Turbo
  • Hand Made motor

There were only 400 models made and they were available in four colors Astral Yellow , Midnight Black , World Rally Blue and Aspen White.


– Joey

4 thoughts on “The New Age Impreza or Version 7 STi

  1. The S202 did not have DCCD. It’s had to he non DCCD 6 Speex with closer gears than the rest from that year. I have the ratios somewhere, I have to look of your interested. Each engine was hand assembled and each ECU was individually tuned and stamped as belonging to which 202 it came from.

    I know most of this because I have the only known 202 in the US.

  2. Thanks for a great site 🙂

    The only MY02 car with DCCD was the Type RA Spec C 16″ version.

    Note – Type RA Spec C. Not Spec C type RA. Both very different cars.


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