Subaru STi Wagon

The Subaru STi wagon for the GD chassis was only available during 2001-2002.

It came standard with the Version 7 EJ207 paird with a VF30 turbocharger , The transmission was an R180 LSD in the rear with a VLSD center differential and an open front differential ( Trans code TY856WB1AA ).

It was very basic and from what I have read Brembo’s were considered an option on the car as most have the standard 4/2 piston FHI brakes found on the GGA Wrx wagon. The car had an optional lip kit as well which is pretty rare to find , Below is a picture of it.


This car is also lacking the side markers that came on the STi wagon fenders as well , On the interior the cars appear to be the same as your standard GDB STi sedan except for a folding rear bench seat in traditional STi blue and black.

The range of options for the car is the same as any V7 STi but still with the narrow track of the GGA Wrx wagon.

I would imagine the car was phased out for the Version 8 STi due to weak sales as they are extremely rare to find these days.

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