J Spec Auto / JDM Racing Motors selling stolen parts ?

So this is pretty painful to type as I have sourced my driveline components from J Spec / JDM Racing in 2014-2015 but its turning out that a lot of the stock at J Spec is questionable at best.

The community keeps finding cars that have been stolen that JDM Racing / J Spec is selling parts from , its not painting a great picture. Either they turn a blind eye to buying stolen parts or they know that the massive influx in parts are from stolen vehicles.

I think its safe to say their supplier dabbles in stolen vehicles as these cars are showing up very quickly in North America sometimes within 3-6 months of being stolen.


The owners in Japan have started to reach out with serial numbers to confirm the stolen parts and also have a twitter tag you can follow. Two more cars have been confirmed at this time via engine serial numbers to have been stolen and then ended up in a J Spec / JDM Racing warehouse.

Starting with the white GDB

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

Owner reached out with engine serial number
Engine serial from J Spec’s youtube channel showing said serial number

Here is a DC5 Integra

Owner reached out to the admin of the stolen vehicle listing website with serial numbers
Video posted to JDM Racing youtube






Here are a handful of the vehicles that have been reported stolen in japan and have shown up in North America

Check out this post from a japanese forum for stolen vehicles

That vehicle was reported stolen in February 15th , the most important thing to note here is this picture of the scratched bumper

Fast forward about three months later to a posting on J Spec Auto


This drivetrain is almost identical as well

Slotted rotors and Red Pads


Post from the owner

There is also a Hawkeye STi that was stolen as well

The sale posting has since been taken down but that is clearly the owners car in that picture judging by the lip spoiler and hazing headlight.

Here is another car with very rare CE28n SL wheels

Image may contain: car and outdoor

J Spec Instagram

No photo description available.

Another GDB


Oh look another instagram post

No photo description available.

Another White GD STi

Notice the very rare Monster wing riser
Meanwhile on JDM Racing Motors

Another stolen car from Gunma

Sale listing on JDM Racing

Another GDB Stolen from Aichi

This one I only found the wheels so far

From his post

J Spec Instagram

4 thoughts on “J Spec Auto / JDM Racing Motors selling stolen parts ?

  1. While some of this evidence seems pretty convincing, I find it difficult to immediately assume either party is selling stolen parts/cars. While it may be the case, basing your opinion of a company entirely on pictures and allegations is cowardly and unjustified, especially given you spoke well of them in the past. On that same note, assuming they are also complicit in knowing they are selling stolen parts/cars is reaching pretty far. I used to work in the import scene before it got big in the early 2000s and in order to properly de-register the cars from Japanese roads and to import to USA/CA needed entire proof of documentation of engine serials and vehicle VINs with the japanese deregistration. That means the documentation from the auction houses and paper work used to export it from Japanes roads is legal for all intents and purposes and is as well as far as other countries import offices are concerned as well. If these do end up being stolen I find it hard to believe it was an explicit act of either company but rather a bigger issue of Japanese auction houses and systematic problems of their export scene, which means these companies certainly aren’t alone.

    1. These are imported parts not cars, they don’t need to go through auction houses or need to be deregistered if they are parts and can easily just be put into a container and shipped.

    2. Yeah, that might be how is was back then but it’s not like that now. The engines being exported don’t require any number documentation. All that needs to be vin checked are complete cars, half cuts, and body shell. Could be exported with ease.

  2. @Andrew H

    No one gives a shit where you “used to work” and what you “find hard to believe”. Go white knight on reddit.com inside your mom’s camry

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