Subaru Legacy GT Wagon gets a P0700 check engine light for christmas

Another holiday season means another drive down to Cleveland to visit the extended family and this one was a lot easier than the last few years as there was no giant snow storm. One year I drove through a blizzard where I could not even see the emergency lights on the top of a state troopers car and it took me almost six hours to get to Cleveland.

The trip home was going perfectly fine until I was on I75 North a few miles into Michigan when I hit a giant pothole while cruise control was trying to add speed to keep up with the 72mph setting I had. Cruise immediately stopped working and I got a check engine light on the dash. My guess is that the wheel speed sensors cause the TCU to freak out therefore sending a code to the ECU for the engine. With a 32bit ecu any check engine light you get kills cruise control which is really annoying. So I pulled over to make sure there was nothing seriously damaged , finding no leaking fluids I pressed on to Detroit and stuffed the car in the garage.

The next morning I woke up and reset the TCU and then Ecu removing the P0700 CEL. The transmission has been re learning for the last week and it has actually been shifting even better than before with nearly 164,000 miles on it (263,000km for everyone else in the world). Thank god for rom raider and my trusty tuning laptop !


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