Wheels and fitment on your Subaru Wrx Wagon

So I have had a lot of different sets of wheels in 7 years of owning the car , Here are some pictures with specs of the many wheel options I have had so far. I always suggest BBS , Enkei , Wedsport , Rays , Advan or companies like Mach V.

General fitment advice on a stock panel wagon , Sedans can go a little more aggressive but fitting 245/255 tires on a 17×9 or 18×9 wheel will require rolling/ pulling of panels. Unless you are doing Autox or HPDE track days I really don’t see a reason to run more than a 225/235 tire on the street.

17/18 inch wheels

7-8.5 inches wide

+40-+53 offset range

215-235 width tire

The logic with this is simple , you avoid rolling panels , rubbing  and have many many wheel options in this range while keeping your suspension geometry intact. Popular choices include Version 7 STi wheels , STi BBS and Enkei RPF1s.

So here are some pictures with fitment information

17×7.5 +53 Version 7/8 STi wheels with 225/45/17 Potenza RE11 Tires



17×8 +44 Rays CE28n with 235/45/17 Potenza RE11a tires



17×9 +42 Mach V Awesome with various 245/255 tires



18×8.5 +53 STi RA-R wheels with 245/40/18 Dunlop SP Sportmaxx



18×9 +35 Enkei RCT4 with 245/40/18 Continental Sports

A little too aggressive unless you are ok with rolling the hell out of your fenders

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