Waterford Hills Track day

Swapped out the Koyo radiator for a CSF radiator , Its far larger than the Koyo and had no issues with coolant temps for entire sessions and also brought oil temps down at least 20-30 degrees. Now the coolant temps barely rose over 210 and oil got no where near 250 like it did at Gingerman in June. The only issue I might see is that its a little tight fit for the upper coolant hose , hopefully it does not make sweet love to the power steering pump and explode.


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Track day itself was awesome and we have super small run groups under 10 cars per group with about 40 at the track all day. I managed to run 1:24s pretty consistently even with the PFC Z compound street friendly pads on, They still stop great but are not as insane as the full race pad PFC01.


Here are lots of pictures from that event


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Only casualty was a rear exhaust bolt and gasket which will be replaced this week along with the driveshaft tail shaft which was making unhappy noises when you lift off  the throttle. So help me god if this oem driveshaft dies in the near future I will just rage quit and buy a carbon fiber one.


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