2017 plans

So 2016 did not exactly go to plan but I learned some good life lessons on who I could trust and how to plan for long term projects. So for 2017 the main goal is to drive the car and see the track at least 5-6 weekends this year mainly around the Midwest. Track days that I want to be at are as follows.

  • Some sort of shakedown at Waterford Hills in April / May
  • Gridlife Midwest at Gingerman in June
  • Honda Meet at Gingerman in July
  • 3Balls racing at Mid Ohio in August
  • Gridlife Special Stage at Gingerman in October

I think that is a lot of good seat time but I will need some further modifications to maximize my seat time such as the following

– Replace S204 oil cooler lines with new oem lines
– Group N or Superpro bushings for everything
– STi Pink lateral links and trailing arms
– 5×114 Hub swap
– Feal 441 Coilovers 9k/8k spring rates
– STi or Cusco clutch type R180
– 18×9 +35 Enkei RCT4 with daily / rain tires
– 2015 Sti steering rack
– Spec C power steering pump
– STi oem short shifter
– Spec C Version 8 seats
– Retune with Id1000cc injectors and probably E85

Hopefully after those modifications i won’t have to worry about anything for a while. I have already started to order the parts and are overnighting them from Japan !


My 2006 Legacy GT Wagon daily will just see regular maintenance until something breaks on it. The only mods planned for this spring are Billstein spec B struts and 17×7.5 +48 TE37 wrapped with 225/45/R17 Continental DW tires for summer. If the car has any major issues it will just have an EJ20Y JDM Legacy engine put into it as they are around $1600 from any importer.


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