Bought a 2006 Legacy GT Wagon and didn’t die driving it home

Waking up at 7:30am on a Saturday is one of my most hated things to do but last Saturday I had a good reason to do it as I was about to go out to Grand Rapids to acquire my new daily driver. So myself and my friend Keith hopped in his Tacoma and headed out towards Grand Rapids running into only sporadic snow showers on the way out there. His Tacoma is pretty much the perfect truck , its simple and extremely reliable because well its a Toyota. Its also a manual which is becoming increasingly rare to find these days in any vehicle.


We made it out to the Grand Rapids area which is only about a 2 hour drive from Metro Detroit and found the Legacy GT Wagon ready for pickup. We exchanged the proper paperwork and I was on the road by around 11am. My first stop was the Secretary of state in East Lansing but I quickly found that it had a 2 hour wait and instead opted to go get sushi with my friend Mike. I left for home at around 1pm heading east on I69 towards Flint and everything was going great , the car was running amazing cruising at 70mph. After hopping onto I75 southbound in Flint I started to see the accidents appearing and quickly came to a dead stop right south of Grand Blanc.



A quick check onto the local news and facebook car groups told me that ahead of me there was a 40 car pile up and at least 3 semi trucks , I watched at least six ambulances drive past while I sat in traffic for almost an hour. The police closed down the highway and diverted everyone off to side streets. Here are some pictures of what the pile up looked like.


Having avoided terrible Michigan drivers and a highway side part out I made my way home but also stopped for a car wash and a few pictures to document the car before I ruin it as a daily driver and end up 6mt swapping it. I’m kidding of course it will stay 5AT for now unless the 5AT decides not to work anymore. General plan is to do some maintenance items here during Christmas break then wait till spring to do anything to either car.




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