Fuel Injectors and the Consumer

Recently I have been reading a lot of people posting about Injector problems , failures and issues with tuning.

90% of these injector posts always come back to Deatschwerks fuel injectors, For those people who do not know Deatschwerks is a company that will take stock wrx / STi injectors and modify them to their advertised output. While this seems like a good concept it has a few problems. The first is that larger sidefeed injectors are hated by many tuners because they are harder to tune for. Second would be the spray pattern which can be sub par causing misfires and fueling issues overall. Third would be that sometimes you do not even get the advertised output of the injectors , Some 1000CC deatschwerks fuel injectors have been tested around 900CC.

Just look at all these wonderful reviews on RallySport Direct !

DW injectors Review

There are other affordable options out there like ID1000s that have been proved as being extremely reliable and priced great !

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