The STi Spec C Type RA-R

As you can see in the video the car’s designation stands for Record Attempt – Radical. It was radical indeed , It is a very good performer as you can see in this video.

It was the fastest GD STi ever to come out of the factory and at 300 made its quite rare. It also had some parts on it never seen on other GD STi’s like

– Six Pot Brembo front brakes
– 18 inch wheels with custom made tires by Bridgestone
– Racing Seat Options

Weighting only 3064 pounds with 320bhp gave it very quick acceleration for its age and it had the largest brakes ever fitted to a production car in japan at the time. It was completely customize able from the factory with options such as larger sway bars , struts and limited edition colors available. It had lighter glass and lighter body panels to shave weight from the car. It had an oil cooler and an automatic intercooler sprayer for added reliability during track sessions. It was a car designed purely for the track and carving mountain roads.

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