Fall update and future plans of world domination

So Gridlife round 5 didn’t go so well as I got sick with what we are calling ” superaids” leading me to drive home Saturday around 2pm and sleep for around 14 hours. As of today I am still not 100% back to feeling normal but I am getting there.

Gridlife was fun for the short time I was there , the first session at 9am and a ton of standing water so that means skids. Unfortunately I am an idiot and forgot my SD cards as they are sitting at my computer so I had no onboard video of said skids. Oh I also dropped a tire and spun out at turn 2 on Gingerman due to getting too cocky with my ken block inspired drifting.

Future plans are looking a lot like time attack in Gridlife’s street car class with some 255 RE71Rs So I can chase Dewey and my friend Max.

Other winter plans are as follows

  • Rebuild the Ohlins coilovers and possibly have them revalved
  • Put the interior back in the car
  • Install sound deadening products all over the car
  • Upgrade the horrible oem speakers for louder Eurobeat
  • Acquire another set of 17×9 wheels , I am thinking 17×9 +49 Wedsport TC105n
  • Install a surge tank / Radium solution to fix fuel starvation issues
  • Spec C roof vent
  • Have the car re calibrated on carberry flex fuel
  • Maybe a 2015 STi steering rack ?
  • Maybe a moroso oil pan ?
  • Save for a house or Condo
  • Sleep a lot

So I will end with a bunch of pictures from last weekend



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