Widebody wagon is complete ….For now

Well its finally done and just in time to go into storage !

The car feels great and other than a bunch of little bolts and trim parts that I need to find it is complete. The Arai struts and springs are amazing. They feel very planted and remind me of my first gen RCE Tarmac 2’s. I put around 60 miles on the car today and it performed great.

After not having the car for almost a year I really have reconsidered my plans for the car , I think I am going to focus on enjoying the car more than just trying to turn it into a track car. Its way more fun driving your car than it is waiting for it. Probably will just do maintenance things like timing , replace CV boots and maybe a plated STi R180 differential. 5×114 hubs are probably just going to sit on the shelf for another year or two. This also means I can hunt for all sorts of cool old school 5×100 wheels now.


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