So you want a GD EJ207 ?

Let me start by saying that if you are dead set on an EJ207 and want to swap your Wrx with one be ready to spend upwards of $3500-$4000 + If you are ok with that fact and can afford it then fantastic , If you are on a budget then just get a simple rebuild or JDM EJ205 to keep your daily driver running. So lets start with the basics , The engine you are looking for is out of a 2001-2006 model year JDM STi. There are three different major variants with a few sub variants as well. Here is a basic overview.

Version 7 EJ207

This is the first generation of the GD EJ207 and is the engine you are most likely to find on ebay or on an importers website. There are four major types of Version 7EJ207 but all had forged pistons and it was the only revision to have them. The S202 also did not have equal length headers like many people on the internet have stated. All Version 7 EJ207 will sound like their USDM counterparts due to having the same headers.

  • V7 Sti standard ( VF30)
  • 2001 V7 MY  RA ( Big port heads , Quick steering rack )
  • 2002 V7 MY Spec C ( Big port heads , Better cams , springs , VF34 , Oil cooler , Quick steering rack, etc)
  • V7 S202 ( Special edition with much more aggressive ECU , STi goodies and everything the V7 Spec C has)

Version 8/9 EJ207

The second generation of GD EJ207 bought forth the death of the subaru rumble by switching to equal length headers standard on all EJ207s. It also went to a twin scroll turbo system and the better head components of the V7 Spec C became standard. The forged pistons of the V8/9 EJ207 were also replaced with a cast piston. Here are the different types

  • Standard Version 8/9 ( VF37 turbo )
  • Version 8/9 Spec C ( VF36 , Thermostatic oil plate , Oil cooler , Quick steering rack , Light weight glass , etc
  • S203 / S204 (Limited edition, hand balanced internals , Silicone turbo inlet hose , VF42 , Sti  hoses , Extremely aggressive ecu that basically requires 95 octane gas or higher )


This is what a Version 8/9 STi engine sounds like with full exhaust


Here are some pictures of my S204 engine as well


Further reading if you want more technical specs

EJ207 Info

EJ207 Owners thread

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2 thoughts on “So you want a GD EJ207 ?

  1. Hello, would you be able to help identify a EJ207 v7 with a vin stamped in the case B102446. Its for sale in my area for 3k. I want to know what it is before buying it. Any help would be awesome thanks!

    1. Not sure that is generally a serial number , maybe the EJ207 owners thread on nasioc could offer some insight. sorry for the slow response

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