January update , Frozen Michigan hell continues

Over the last month I have spent most of my time in Texas for work but unfortunately have had to come back to the freezing hell that is Michigan.


So what has changed on the wagon ?

Well not very much , work should start on the sedan widebody and Prodrive bumper later this month. Hoping to have it completed sometime in March so that I can start work on the 5×114 hub swap as well.

I have been eyeing 17×9 +40 Rays TE37 as my replacement wheel of choice , Problem is finding a set that has not been drifted into a wall. Suspension should be here in the next week along with a few other random parts. I will post up some pictures during my February  update and hopefully have some of the body work as well !

I leave you with a few recent photoshops I did when I was bored !



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