How to Overnight Parts from Japan the Right Way !

Today I felt like the Nintendo 64 kid opening up his Christmas gifts


This showed up at my door after I abused my wallet last week. A package like this will usually run you anywhere from $3600-$4500 Shipped.

sti driveline

Glorious parts that were sent overnight from japan , Well not really actually. They were bought from Jspec Auto in Virginia.


The parts are all in wonderful condition and actually look like they have the estimated 25,000 miles on them that I was told. I don’t doubt that at all now after seeing them. I am extremely happy with the way everything was packaged by the vendor. They took the extra time to wrap each Brembo caliper up to make sure they were not damaged and put them in a separate box. Usually I do not give a shit about dutch ovens except for this time.

sti driveline 11

What Came out of the box !

sti driveline 2

Sure they are scratched up and beaten up a bit. But expecting more out of decade old calipers that have traveled halfway around the world is expecting too much. Everything is there and I think the rear calipers have Hawk blue or EBE Blue race pads on them. The front pads obviously will need to be replaced with either Hawk HPS or Project Mu pads. These are going to get sent out for powder coating this week and I should have them back in two weeks or so to rebuild.

The transmission itself is a Version 7 STi Type Ra transmission. It has an AP Suretrac Front Differential , Viscous Center and AP Suretrac rear differential.


sti driveline 9


Everything else is in amazing shape as well as you can see from the following pictures

sti driveline 10 sti driveline 8 sti driveline 7 sti driveline 6 sti driveline 5 sti driveline 4 sti driveline 3

They even had all the bolts and accessories neatly packed into UPS boxes. I was amazed at how well they took care of everything !


Overall this was a great experience and I will definitely order my Version 8 Sti motor from them in the future. They actually know what they are talking about and Robert knows the product he is selling. They sell genuine parts in great condition at a great price.

Here are their websites for those of you who are interested !

Huge thanks to Daniel , Robert and Chris !


Transmission Chart from RalliSpec


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