Buying Parts from Japan

I get asked a lot how I get these parts from Japan usually for a really good price. So this is a general idea of how to do it.

Things that you really need first

  • Google Chrome
  • Google Fu
  • Copy and paste skills
  • A good broker

The last point is a good broker , I chose Jesse Streeter because the drift guys love him. He is a really nice guy and responds really fast to anything you send him.

You can send him links from both Croooober and Yahoo Auctions

His website


The first site I use is called Crooooober

It is a clearing house with international shipping for Upgrage Corporation in Japan. They have parts for almost any type of JDM car and usually have very good prices. I mainly look for wheels on here as they have pretty good prices compared to the States. Expect to pay around $200-$400 for shipping on a set of four wheels. Smaller items vary in shipping cost due to size and weight. A defi Genome gauge set for instance cost me around $45 in shipping straight to my door via Fedex. Make sure you run google chrome and have translation turned on or you will be very confused.

To purchase something on a page you have to click on the blue airplane button and fill out some information then they will send you a quote via email. If you like the price they give you then you can email them back and they will send you a quote  via Paypal.

The second site I use is Yahoo Auctions Japan

This is a little more confusing so you need to use search terms such as

  • GGB STi ( STi Wagon)
  • GDB STI S202 / S203 / S204
  • Rays
  • 5h 114
  • 5h 100
  • Advan
  • BBS

If you find an item you like then email it to your broker ( In my case Jesse Streeter ) and they should be able to bid on it for you then ship it to you.

Shipping items

When shipping items ALWAYS try and get Fedex / DHL shipping. Avoid EMS at all chances because its extremely slow and is reliant on the mail system. Sometimes you have to ship larger items via Sea freight so you have to accept it might take 10-12 weeks to show up at your house. But its a small price to pay for Premium JDM goods.

Here are some items I have got from Japan.

Rays CE28n 17×8 +44

Rays CE28n


Exedy Twin Disc

Exedy Twin DIsc

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